Keil, Peter Robert

Peter Robert Keil
geboren : Züllichau – Polen- 1942

Werkte oa in Berlijn, Verenigde Staten van Amerika. Maakte de val van de Berlijnse muur mee. Werkt en woont thans in omgeving München.

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Peter Robert Keil (* 6 August 1942 inPeter Robert Keil (* 6 August 1942 in Züllichau, Pomerania)[1][2] is a German painter and sculptor., Pomerania)Peter Robert Keil (* 6 August 1942 in Züllichau, Pomerania)[1][2] is a German painter and sculptor.

Peter Robert Keil was born to an artist blacksmith father whom he lost very early in his childhood during the Second World War. During the end phase of the war, Keil’s mother, also an artistically talented woman, took her son and struggled her way to West Berlin where they settled. This is where Peter Robert Keil grew up in the working-class neighbourhood of Berlin-Wedding and where he discovered his interest in painting – particularly in expressionistic artists and in Pablo Picasso’s work.[3] From 1954 on, the East Berlin-based painter Otto Nagel became his mentor and taught him first craft skills and painting techniques.[4] In 1954, he began his traineeship as an artist metalworker and between 1959 and 1961, he studied at the University of Arts in Berlin. When the Berlin Wall was built, he lost contact with his mentor Otto Nagel and from the early 60s on, Keil started to spend more and more time abroad. During his studies at the University of Arts in Berlin, he came in contact with numerous other artists who later became influential artists of their generation, like for example Georg Baselitz, Eugen Schönebeck, Markus Lüpertz and Joachim Schmettau.[5][6] During his time in Mallorca, he also met with Joan Miró in his studio several times.[6] From the early 60s on, Keil established studios in Paris, London, Berlin and in the US. Today he mainly lives and works in Zimmerau (Bavaria, Germany), Berlin and Los Angeles.


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